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The Online Sparkly Challenge

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Welcome to The Online Sparkly Challenge (aka: Original Story Challenge)! This is another one of those low pressure communities that are floating around but this one's a bit different.

The idea behind The Online Sparkly is to write a total of 100,000 words (minimum) before the end of the year. It begins on the day you joined, and ends one year later (or when you 100,000 words, whichever comes first). It sounds like a lot of words, but it comes about to be about 274 words per day!


Step One: leave a comment in this post so that we can keep track of when you start.

Step Two: leave a comment in this post so we know how your challenge is going to go.

Step Three:</a> leave a comment in this post so that we can make a pretty tag for your work to archive it.

Email your final product to BabyToaster@gmail.com, and I'll do a word verification for you and then make you a pretty banner that says you're a winner! I won't read or steal anything, unless you give me permission to read, but I wouldnever steal. I use Microsoft Word, if that helps explain what kind of format to mail it in. ;) If that doesn't help, I'm sure we can work out a way to get it verified. :)

Happy writing! Any questions? Drop them off in this post here.

* Starts the day of joining, ends 1 year later.
* 100k Word Count (minimum)
* You must have a consistant set of characters
* Quantity over quality
* No fanfic
* Only original characters
* No "blah" paragraphs (IE: No "Blah blah blah I don't konw what to write" for a paragraph)
* Anything that is not original material is ommitted from word count (IE: poetry, quotes, song lyrics, etc.)


Want to be one? Send me a comment/email/message. :)

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